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      Esau sells his birthright to Jacob A birthright is a very special honor given to the eldest son in Israel's tradition. The older son with the birthright receives double portions of the inheritance and is named the leader of the clan. So, this was no minute trinket Esau was giving up when he decided to sell his birthright to Jacob. Who Is To Blame? We are tempted to place all the blame on Jacob for taking advantage of Esau but there is another angle to this story. Esau showed that he cared very little about the spiritual gifts he had received and traded it away without much thought -- for a bowl of soup and some bread. If Esau had decided to keep his birthright he would have received untold blessings in the future. Yet, he decided to go after the immediate pleasures of life instead of waiting for what was rightfully his. Esau reacted to this situation primarily on impulse without a second thought of how it would affect his future and the future of generations to come.