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      There is also an Eliezer known as Eliezer of Damascus son of Nimrod, and head of the patriarch Abraham's household mentioned in the Book of Genesis (15:2). “ And Abram said, "My Lord, Hashem/Elohim: What can you give me seeing that I go childless, and the steward of my house is the Damascene Eliezer? — Lech-Lecha [2] ” There is an interpretation in Bereshit Rabbah (43:2), cited by Rashi, that Eliezer went alone with Abraham to rescue Lot, with the reference to "his initiates" stated to be 318 in number (Lech-Lecha 14:14) being the numerical value of Eliezer's name in Hebrew, interpreted in tractate Nedarim (32a) as Abraham not wishing to rely on a miracle by taking only one individual.[3] According to most interpretations, the unnamed "...slave, the elder of the household, who controlled all that was his" in Chayei Sarah 24:2 who acted as a marriage broker (sharchan) for Isaac was this Eliezer.

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