Jacob's course of suffering for 21 years in Haran can be seen as a model for all those who must endure exile and privation. His course of service to Laban is a model for those who wish to win the respect and trust of their oppressors. His wrestling with the angel shows that a man of strong faith can defeat the spiritual forces of darkness and the demons of his own mind. Most importantly, his sincere humility in front of his brother Esau—dramatically reversing the story of Cain and Abel—is the first recorded example of a man who successfully practiced the dictum "love your enemy." It is a pattern for anyone to restore a damaged relationship and bring about reconciliation with an enemy, attaining the goal of peace through unselfish love. It can also be applied to groups and even nations.


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        • 1638
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        • Height: 117 cm (46.1 in). Width: 141 cm (55.5 in)