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Instance of: Person
    다윗의 부친(마 1:5). 다윗 형제의 아버지(삼상 16:10, 17:12). 사무엘이 사울을 대신할 새로운 왕을 탐색할 때 베들레헴 주민이었다(삼상10:) 그의 이름은 이사야의 메시야 예언 가운데도 들어있다(사11:1). 마태와 누가의 예수 계보 가운데도 있다(마1:5, 눅 3:42)

  • gender
    • male
  • 표제어
    • Jesse
  • relatedVerses
    • Ruth 4:17 The women living there said, "Naomi has a son." And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David.
    • Ruth 4:22 Obed the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of David.
    • First Chronicles 2:13~15 Jesse was the father of Eliab his firstborn; the second son was Abinadab, the third Shimea, the fourth Nethanel, the fifth Raddai, the sixth Ozem and the seventh David.
  • meaningOfNames
    • Present from Lord God


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