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Instance of: Person
      Johanan is a Hebrew name meaning 'the LORD is gracious'. Other forms of the name include John and Yochanan. A Johanan, son of Kareah is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the leader who led the remnant of the population of the Kingdom of Judah to Egypt for safety, after the destruction of kingdom in 586 BC and the subsequent assassination of Gedaliah, the Babylon appointed Jewish governor. (2 Kings 25:23-26, Jeremiah 43:5-7)

    • gender
      • male
    • 표제어
      • Johanan
    • relatedVerses
      • First chronicles 6:9~10 Ahimaaz the father of Azariah, Azariah the father of Johanan, Johanan the father of Azariah (it was he who served as priest in the temple Solomon built in Jerusalem),


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