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      When Jacob lifted his face, on the horizon in the distance, it looked like Esau was coming bringing along with him four hundred men. Jacob had spent the night face to face with God and made preparations to meet face to face with man. His resolve was made up. He had turned it all over to God, and standing at the lead, he went forward. Until he arrived at Esau's position, he lowered himself down to the ground seven times. Then, Esau came running. Jacob couldn't run away or hide now. Since God struck the joint of his hip, he didn't have the option to run away. Right now, though, Jacob wasn't depending any more on his own power and strength. The only thing that mattered was that he had been forgiven and blessed by God. That's right, the rock that anybody can ultimately depend on is only the forgiveness and the blessing of God. 5. The brother running to him came up to him, and a surprising thing happened. What Jacob saw there was not the figure of a brother crazed with anger and brandishing a sword. Esau welcomed him with opened arms, he hugged him, held his head, and kissed him. Esau was weeping. Jacob wept with him. So, reconciliation took place in a manner which far exceeded Jacob's thoughts on it.