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Saul conquers Philistine

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      Saul first conquered the Ammonites after hearing of their king, Nahash, laying siege to Jabesh in Gilead. The king only agreed to spare the inhabitants on the condition that they put out their right eyes. They asked for seven in which they could seek help from their brethren. They dispatched messengers to Gibeah, probably unaware of Saul's election as king, who stated their case to the people. After returning from the field, Saul heard their grave news, and the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. Deeply angered, he hewed in pieces a yoke of oxen and sent them throughout all of Israel, calling the people to rally around him in defense of their countrymen. This call was answered when three hundred thousand stood together at Bezek. On the following day Saul arranged the army into three divisions, who forced their way into the enemy's camp from three different sides, and routed then completely (1 Samuel 11:1-11).

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      • Saul conquers Philistine