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  • [1] 구스의 손자로 노아의 후손이며 라아마의 아들(창10:7, 대상1:9). 그 후손은 아라비아 남부에서 무역업에 종사했는데(사21:13, 겔27:15, 38:13) 장차 하나님에 의해 멸망될 것이 예언되었다(렘25:23). [2] 아브라함의 후처 그두라의 소생인 욕산의 아들(창25:3, 대상1:32). 이 후손의 멸망에 대해서 예언되었다(렘49:8, 겔25:13).
  • The word Dedan means "low ground". The people are called Dedanim or Dedanites. In the Bible, it can refer to either: A son of Raamah. His descendants are mentioned in Isaiah 21:13 and Ezekiel 27:15. They probably settled among the sons of Cush, on the north-west coast of the present Persian Gulf. A son of Jokshan, Abraham's son by Keturah. His descendants settled on the Syrian borders about the territory of Edom. They probably led a pastoral life. a city of Arabia, modern Al-'Ula.
  • Dedan
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